How do I convert text string into values?

  • 30 September 2021
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Edit: I mean number instead of value.

I am using Zapier to log orders in Google sheets. The problem is however that when I try to calculate, for example through formulas I get the notification that it is a text string and cannot be converted to a number.. 

Have tried to use the formatter, but simply cannot seem to make it work. 

How do I get Zapier to log a number as a number instead of text?

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6 replies

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Hi @iJordyM 

Can you please outline a specific example to better illustrate what you are trying to do and the issue you are having?

Perhaps post screenshots as well of how your Zap steps are currently configured.

You are right, I am sorry should've been more clear! 

Hoeveelheid = Quantity
Prijs incl = Price
Verzendkosten = shipping costs
Btw = Taxes

I would love to make an automated financial dashboard, using Zapier by automating Shopify orders (and payments), but for some reason Price, Taxes, Shipping costs are strings and not numbers.. Whereas Quantity is actually imported as a number.. It is quite weird, but I do not know if this is something on the side of Zapier or a problem on the Shopify side.

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Try changing the format of the column to Numbers:

Yes I tried that! I also tried all the string to number formulas in the book.. 

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You may want to consider using an operational data base app instead, such as Airtable:

Airtable a Number type field and a Currency type field:


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Could it have to do with your GSheet settings?

Quantity shows up as a # with , but the other have .