How do I convert a specific Slack message in a channel into HubSpot notes assigned to the corresponding Company?

  • 26 January 2024
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e.g. I submitted a workflow that's triggered by Zap Filter to go to Hubspot with anything mentioning "CS Account Update” and want to to log in Hubspot as a Note in the corresponding Company entity.

So here are the steps I know

  1. Triggered by new message posted to channel in slack ( e.g. customer success)
  2. Only Continue if text = CS Account Update
  3.  This is where I need help -- How do I have it sent to the right corresponding Company Name in Hubspot and to the note section to that specific company (note in the new message posted to channel in slack - the Company is always written in as it’s required)


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8 replies

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Hi @Justinple 

You would likely need to add some Zap steps.

A step to parse out the Company name from the Message. (we would need to see screenshots to evaluate and advise)

Likely Formatter steps can be used.

Then add this Zap step: HubSpot - Find Company


Hey Troy,
Below is the automated message that would go the specific channel. 

The “Answer to Company” would match what’s in our Hubspot CRM exact 


Apologies it actually is this so I can filter  with the “only continue if in step 2 text = CS Health Status Update”



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Related help article about how to do text parsing:


I guess I’m not overtly clear on how this would create a note in the company record based on using email parsing. I want all of the text that I submit here in slack to go into the “note section of hubspot, not a field”, so I dont want to parse anything out. 


But could be my own misunderstanding. 


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Will the same HubSpot Company be updated each time the Zap Runs?


If the “Answer to Company” value will change in the Slack message, and you want to update a different HubSpot Company each time the Zap Runs, then you need to parse out the Company value from the Slack message.

Then you would find the HubSpot Company to get the HubSpot Company ID.

That will then allow the HubSpot Company to be updated.


No, it’ll always be unique 

Ahhh okay, that makes sense, Thank you!