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How do I consolidate Gmail email attachments in a Google Drive folder, daily?

I receive multiple files overnight from a set email address (roughly 15 different emails).  I am trying to automate these files that are coming to my gmail to trigger a zap that will create a new folder for the date w/ all those attachments.  This way I will have all these docs store by date so I can reference down the road.  Any insight here?  


Best answer by nicksimard 9 July 2022, 02:32

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Hi @Hotel.Zap!

This is possible, but will require a few steps that probably can’t be avoided (Formatter and Find Folder).

My first thought is something like this:

  • Trigger: Gmail — New Attachment (make sure to specify which sender you want to save attachments from)
    This means that each attachment will trigger the Zap.
  • Action: Formatter — Format Date (using {{zap_meta_human_now}} and formatting to something tidier)

    This ensures that your folders will be consistently named, in the format you want.
  • Action: Google Drive — Find Folder (with Create Google Drive Folder if it doesn’t exist yet? used)
    The first time this runs and doesn’t find a folder, it will be created. Every time after that it will be found instead.
  • Action: Google Drive — Upload File (use custom value for the folder — the one you find/create — then upload the file there)
    Map the ID from your Find Folder step as a custom value in the Upload File step)

That’s a quick overview, for the sake of getting you a response as quickly as possible. If it’s not quite clear enough for you to take a shot at it, please let us know!

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Hi @Hotel.Zap!

Were you able to take a look at Nick’s suggestion? Does it do what you need it to? Or do you have any questions? Let us know!