How do I connect Pinterest lead ads to Klaviyo with Zapier?

hello, I am completely new here and have no idea what I am doing - I need zapier to link pinterest with klaviyo for lead gen form. where do i start?

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Hi @tffox 

Check out the available Zap triggers/actions for each app…




Try using the AI to help you get started outlining your Zap steps.


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Hi there @tffox,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Just to ensure that I understand what you're trying to accomplish, could you elaborate a little? What is your end goal with this Zap? Would you be able to outline it step-by-step?

If you can phrase it in the “When A happens in Service X, B should happen in Service Y” format, that’ll help me make sure I give you the best suggestion possible, so thank you in advance!

Additionally, you can use our AI feature to help build Zaps for you. You can learn more about that here: