How do I configure a Zap to add new lines without overwriting subform entries in Zoho CRM?

  • 23 June 2023
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We have created a Zap that connects a Gravity Forms web form with Zoho CRM.
The form is a Whitepaper Download form and has the fields name, surname, email and name of the Whitepaper.

This Zap checks if  the contact exists in the CRM.

If the contact exists, update it by adding the name of the Whitepaper to a subform that we have created with the name of the Whitepaper and the date the form was received.

If the contact does not exist, create it as a lead and complete the fields of name, surname, email and complete the field of the form with the name of the Whitepaper and the date.

If we make a submission for a Whitepaper test “Whitepaper 1” it works correctly.
We have the subform with the field completed with the name of the Witepaper: “Whitepaper 1”


But what happens if the same contact sends a form for two different Whitepapers? (Whitepaper Test 1 and Whitepaper Test 2)
This is what should appear in the CRM:

We have Whitepaper Test1, from the previous form, and we add a line in the subform with Whitepaper Test 2 and the date.

But what actually what happens is that the Zap overwrites Whitepaper Test 1 with the data and dates of the new Whitepaper Test  2 form and this is what we see in the Subform:

The Zap has deleted Whitepaper Test 1

How can we configure the Zap so that it does not overwrite the lines of the subform in Zoho CRM but adds new lines to the subform?


3 replies

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Hi there, @LHoFT. Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Are the whitepapers themselves separate module entries in Zoho that are being associated with the contact? 

Also, can you please share a screenshot showing what fields and settings have been selected in the Action section of the specific action that is deleting the whitepaper? Asking as that may help us get a better idea of why it’s doing removing the original whitepaper. Please remove/hide any private information (like names, email addresses etc.) from the screenshot before sharing though.

Thanks! 🙂

Hi @SamB !

In Zoho CRM the Whitepaper field is a subform within the Leads module.

On the other hand, we have a form on the website for download the Whitepapers. This form is created in Gravity Forms.

We have connected this form to Zapier and we have created a Zap that fills the subform fields in Zoho CRM.
We do this in Zap by mapping the field of the Whitepaper name form with the Whitepaper name field of the Leads module subform.

The subform in Zoho CRM is a type of field that allows to add multiple rows,


so we want that every time a form is submitted and the zap that connects the form to Zoho CRM is launched, a new line is created in the subform.

I hope I could have explained better. Thank you very much for your help!


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Sorry for the delay in replying here @LHoFT!

Ah I see! Ok, so in those Whitepaper name and Download date fields you’re just recording the form downloads but the existing values are being overwritten by the new values.

Since it’s not appending the new values I think you’ll need to use a Find Module Entry search action to locate the existing values for those fields. Then select both the existing and new values for those fields. For example:


That way the Zap should overwrite the field with the old value and add the new value as well. I’m hoping that will add the new value into a separate row.

If it doesn’t then you may need to turn the old and new values into line items first. You can use a Formatter (Utilities > Line Itemizer (Create/Append/Prepend)) action to do that. Then select those line items in the Whitepaper name and Download date fields. More on how to do that here: Create line items in Zaps

Can you give that a try and let us know how you get on?