How do I check and update or create a new AWeber subscriber when a new booking is made on

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Someone books an event on - this is the trigger.

I want to create a Zap that does exactly the following in AWeber.


Check if EMAIL that the booking was made with, already exists as subscriber in AWeber

  • if EXISTS, then update that existing AWeber subscriber with an additional tag, e.g. “test-tag”
  • if NOT EXISTS, then a new AWeber subscriber shall be created using both the EMAIL from the booking and the NAME from the booking and also add the same tag “test-tag”


I've been trying to get this all set up for a few hours already but somehow I'm stuck somewhere. I've created more complex Zaps than this before, but somehow today is not my day it seems…

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!!

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Hey there @meisatei,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Here is how I see the Zap for the workflow that you have in mind:

  1. Trigger: (Booking Created)
  2. Action: AWeber (Find Subscriber)
  3. Action: Filter by Zapier - map the “Zap Data Was Found” on the first section of the Filter then set the condition to (Boolean) is true. Like so:
    (view larger)
  4. Action: AWeber (Update Subscriber)

Please give that a try, and let us know how it goes.

Thanks! 😊

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Thanks for your reply! This should work for the “found and then update” path, I agree. But it does not solve the "not found and then create” path, i.e. the problem of creating a new subscriber if it does not yet exist.

Furthermore, the search operation must be with email only (names can be written in different order, first name only etc.) to check if the contact already exists in AWeber. If it does not exist, it must be created by using both the NAME and EMAIL coming from plus adding the tag to create this brand new contact in AWeber. So, searching via email only, but creating with email, name, and tag.

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Hi @meisatei,

Have you tried ticking the “Create AWeber Subscriber if it doesn’t exist yet?” check box in the “Find Subscriber” action step?. Like so: 

(view larger)

This way, the Zap will create a subscriber if none is found, then if it is found, the Zap will update the subscriber in the last step (Update Subscriber step).


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Hi, thanks for your help! I have tried this, but I still can't get it to work the way I need it.

This is how it looks to me. As mentioned earlier, I must search in AW only via email that comes from Cal. Because if I'd include the name in the search, I could miss an existing contact just because they wrote their name differently in the Cal booking. Therefore, email only.

But to create the new contact in AW, I pull in the name and the email from Cal to create the new contact. And that's where my problem is. I don't see anywhere where I could add additional fields. Why is there only a 'Tags’ field to create a new contact?



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@meisatei Have you considered using a Filter step and setting the condition as “Does not exist”?

Additionally, I wanted to share that the data that a Zap can fetch from an app is influenced by how the app is designed. That said, we are open to receiving feature requests to incorporate additional data into triggers or actions.