How do I automatically update Google Sheets with user roles and information based on triggers?

  • 22 August 2023
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Apologies if this is a common question, I am new to this platform. I would also need a way to add all previous members to this spreadsheet as well.

Edit: I am struggling to get Zapier to find the user the role was added to. I need it to, when a role is added to a user, for zapier to find the user, find their row in the document (and if that row does not exist i need it to make it) and then input/update their name and roles to that row.

I have the trigger set up so that when a role is added to someone their user ID is found, however it does not show any results.

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2 replies

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Hi @ciel 

Good question.

It will help for you to share screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to give us more context.

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Are you saying that testing the trigger isn’t finding any roles added to users? Can you try adding a new role to a user and trying again?

Even if the test of the trigger doesn’t work you should still be able to proceed with setting up the Zap. We have a couple of good help center articles on how to get better sample data:

* How to get live sample data if your Trigger isn’t getting the right values
* How to manually map fields that do not appear in the sample data (aka “custom pill mapping")

The field names that should come back from Discord should be in this format:

"action_type": 25,
"changes": [
"key": "$add",
"new_value": [
"id": "1234",
"name": "Example Role Title"
"id": "1234",
"target_id": "1234",
"user_id": "1234"