How do I automatically send consolidated follow-up emails based on order type?

  • 25 October 2023
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Hi everyone,


I've been thinking about improving our user experience at the business, and I'm keen to set up a zap that streamlines our processes.


Given that we offer six different services, each requiring a different follow-up email for clients, we're currently facing the challenge of sending out multiple individual emails, which I believe could be overwhelming for our recipients. To simplify this, I'm considering the option of consolidating all follow-up texts for each service and sending out just one email. The aim is to ensure we provide relevant information without overwhelming anyone's inbox. 


I was wondering if it's feasible to set up a zap that can automatically determine the relevant text to include based on the type of order. If anyone has any insights or ideas on how to make this happen, I would greatly appreciate your input.


Best regards,


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There are many ways to accomplish the task you mentioned.  Here is one idea…


Use a GoogleSheet to trigger the email and select the content of the email body.

Spreadsheet columns

firstName, lastName, email, go, cars, bikes, trains, planes


Place a ‘X’ in the cars, bikes, trains or planes column to include that section in the email body.


How do I trigger this?

Update the column “go” with the word NOW.


Create a zap that has these steps

  1. GoogleSheet Update on a cell called Go 
  1. Zapier Filter - Does the Go cell say NOW?
  1. Zapier Code - JavaScript - Format the emailInsert (code below)

const sendCars = inputData.sendConsents; 

const sendBikes = inputData.sendNotes; 

const sendTrains =inputData.sendCancels; 

const sendPlanes = inputData.sendPayments; 

// Initialize emailInsert variable 

let emailInsert =''; 

// Check each variable and add corresponding sentences to emailInsert 

if (sendCars === 'x') { emailInsert += 'You should drive a car.\n'; } 

if (sendBikes === 'x') { emailInsert += 'You should have a bike in the boot.\n'; } 

if (sendTrains === 'x') { emailInsert += ‘You should take a train.\n'; } 

if (sendPlanes === 'x') { emailInsert += ‘You should book a plain.\n'; } 

output = [{emailInsert: emailInsert}];

  1. GoogleSheet Update - Set Go to Done
  2. GMail - Send the mail - Use the emailInsert in the email body


I hope this helps!

Zap Support @ GetUWired


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Hi @BalazsKovacs 

Good question.

One option is to use Filters/Paths.

Note: Paths requires a Zapier Pro+ plan.

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Hello guys,


Thank you for sharing your insights. My preference is to send just one email to the client, so I'm afraid that using Filters/Paths might not be the ideal solution in this situation.


@GetUWired, I must admit that I'm finding the current Zapier setup a bit complex. Would it be possible for you to simplify it or recommend a more straightforward way to execute the task?


Your support is invaluable, and I truly appreciate your attention to this matter. Thank you all!


Best regards, Balazs

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Perhaps look into using a Lookup Table: