How do I automate weekly reminder emails for incomplete Smartsheet forms using Mailjet or Microsoft Outlook?

  • 5 December 2023
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Hi everyone


Trying to wrap my head around something we would like to accomplish.

I work in IT for a large food service group. We have a list of sites/units we need to make sure complete a form (via smartsheet) monthly for security compliance. We want to send it weekly to the users who have not yet completed the form. We currently use mailjet for email marketing but also have the complete microsoft office 365 suite including outlook as well as smartsheet.

I made a smartsheet form. I have the form move the row (which includes the email) to a completed sheet once the check off a box/complete the form. this part is working!


What we ideally envision

we would import a list of users with their unit and email. We would send all users an email via a campagin using mailjet or outlook with a link asking them to complete the compliance training. We would wait a few days and then send another email saying “hey you didnt complete your compliance training, you need to do it”. The emails would continue until all of the users have completed the list. 


I tried making a zap with new rows within smartsheet but i am not getting what i need. I am certainly open to suggestions. 



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3 replies

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Hi @Jacobsnakeob 

Good question.

Can you show screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured and what parts you are having trouble with?

Hi Troy


Thanks for the quick reply. We were not able to find a zap that fit what we needed so i don’t have one to show you. The template Zap suggested started with smartsheet for new rows but we need something that would monitor for updates or moves/deletions.


Ideally it would go like:

Zap scans the smartsheet> if it sees an email on the smartsheet still, it will send an email template from mailjet with a link to complete the survey/form> wait a day or so and then resend to the users still on the smartsheet.


We don’t want it to send the email to a user if they have already completed the survey. Let me know if i can provide more clarity!

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These are the available Smartsheet Zap app triggers:

You may have to look into using the Smartsheet API:

For example, trigger a Zap based on a Schedule, then get matching rows in Smartsheet, then use the Looping app to send each to Mailjet.

NOTE: You may have to deal with pagination (e.g. max of X records per page returned).


e.g. If using Airtable

Airtable has Views, which are segments of data. (sort, filter, etc.)

Views can be used to trigger Airtable Automations or Zaps. (e.g. record moves into a view, record updated in a view)