How do I automate email responses using Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Text Expander?

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Hi Zapier Community,

I am currently exploring the possibility of creating an a zap to expedite and streamline my email responses. The intended workflow involves an automation trigger (i.e., google sheets) when I receive an email query about a specific topic (for instance, "X").

Upon receiving such an email, I'd like to input the sender's name and the title of the requested information (such as "Real Estate", "Wills", etc.) into a google form. Subsequently, Zapier would automatically pull the relevant pre-prepared content from the Text Expander app and populate it into the reply email.

Could you kindly advise if this is a feasible workflow within Zapier's current capabilities? Any guidance, suggestions, or shared experiences on implementing such an automation would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @dennymah 

Good question.

It doesn’t appear the Text Expander app has an integration with Zapier:


You’d have to put the Text Expander content into a GSheet to use as a lookup table in a GSheet Lookup Row step.

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I think you can replace the Text Expander functionality with plenty of Zapier functionality. For example, you could have a table in that associated an email category with the desired response. You could also use Formatter’s lookup tables or just have the same “table” in Google Sheets.

Definitely let us know more about your desired workflow. Zapier could probably even help with the first part where it adds a row to the table and assigns a category given the incoming email