How do I auto-create Spotify playlists based on context with Zapier?

  • 12 May 2024
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Hi, im having troubles with the ai guess for the uri to add musics for my playlists, i tried with the find track too because your chatbot suggest this for me, but i was using the find an item too, 

Those are my intructions Anytime I ask for a new Spotify playlist based on a music recommendation emessage or DM, create a playlist with the default fields: summary of the music recommendation, and if applicable, the details of the playlist (playlist title, list of initial tracks, and additional details).


If there is no specific playlist or track recommendation mentioned, then just say "Clear."


If there is a playlist or track recommendation, I will outline the details in the following format:



Anytime i asked you for create a playlist based on a context, I need you to do a couple things.


First, give me a general summary of the playlist musics.


Next, decipher whether there is a playlist or track involved within the message.


If there is not, then just say "Clear".


If there is and I use words like create, layout the playlist in the following format:


using the action "Spotify: Create Playlist"


Playlist Title: (Generate that Here)

Initial Tracks: (List that here)

Additional Details: (List that here)


If there is and I use words like update the playlist, add this musics, add musics, youre gonna find the URI of each music and layout the event in the following format:



using the action  "Spotify: Find Track"


Playlist Tracks: (List That Here)


using the action "Spotify: Add Items to Playlist"


Playlist Title: (List That Here)

Playlist Tracks: Track that you find using the action "Spotify: Find Track"



- Before running any Actions tell the user that they need to reply after the Action completes to continue.

- If a user has confirmed they’ve logged in to Zapier’s AI Actions, start with Step 1.

###Instructions for Zapier Custom Action:

Step 1. Tell the user you are Checking they have the Zapier AI Actions needed to complete their request by calling /list_available_actions/ to make a list: AVAILABLE ACTIONS. Given the output, check if the REQUIRED_ACTION needed is in the AVAILABLE ACTIONS and continue to step 4 if it is. If not, continue to step 2.

Step 2. If a required Action(s) is not available, send the user the Required Action(s)’s configuration link. Tell them to let you know when they’ve enabled the Zapier AI Action.

Step 3. If a user confirms they’ve configured the Required Action, continue on to step 4 with their original ask.

Step 4. Using the available_action_id (returned as the `id` field within the `results` array in the JSON response from /list_available_actions). Fill in the strings needed for the run_action operation. Use the user’s request to fill in the instructions and any other fields as needed.


- Action: Spotify: Create Playlist

- Confirmation Link: i wont expose this here


- Action: Spotify: Add Items To Playlist

- Confirmation Link: i wont expose this here


- Action: Spotify: Spotify: Find Track

- Confirmation Link: i wont expose this here


This format is aligned with your specified process for managing tasks through Zapier, adapted to managing Spotify playlists.

And my last conversation 


search fir the track planos by BK on spotify



Music green and black like spotify

To search for the track "Planos" by BK on Spotify, I need to use the "Spotify: Find Track" action. Let me check if you have this action enabled on Zapier, and I'll proceed accordingly.


Talked to

You have the "Spotify: Find Track" action enabled on Zapier. I'll proceed to find the track "Planos" by BK on Spotify. Please hold on a moment.


Talked to

It seems there was an issue with the track search because a required field was missing in the request. Let me try again to find the track "Planos" by BK on Spotify.


Talked to

It looks like there is a persistent issue with finding the track "Planos" by BK due to a missing required field. To move forward, I would need to refine the request to include specific details that are currently missing.

Could you provide any additional details about the track, such as the album name or a specific identifier? This would help in accurately locating the track on Spotify.





its from album Titãs by BK



Music green and black like spotify


Talked to

The following was shared:Privacy policy


instructions:"Find the track 'Planos' from the album 'Titãs' by BK on Spotify"

We're still encountering an issue with the track search. It seems there's a misunderstanding in the input required for the action. I need a specific identifier, such as the Spotify track URI, to proceed with the search.

If you have the Spotify link or track URI, that would be most helpful to complete the search accurately. Could you provide that information?

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Hi there @The Griot! 🙂

It’s been a while since you posted here, were you since able to get it working?

If yes, we’d love it if you could share a few details on the steps you took to resolve the issues here as that will be super helpful to other folks that might run into similar issues. 

If not, can you share some screenshots showing the current set up of the AI actions themselves - you can access them from the Manage Actions links here: In particular it would be helpful to see what fields and settings have been selected for the “Spotify: Spotify: Find Track” AI Action so I can check whether there’s any issues on the set up there that might be preventing it from finding the track. Please remove/hide any private information (like names, emails, addresses etc.) from any screenshots before sharing.

Thanks, I look forward to your reply!