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How do I assign promo codes on Google Sheets when a tag is added to a contact on Keap Max Classic?

  • 25 February 2023
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I have a google sheet with several rows of unique promo codes listed. When a tag is applied in Keap Max Classic, I want to assign one of those promo codes to that new contact by:

  1. adding the contact’s email address in a cell next to the promo code (using the next blank cell available)
  2. then zap that promo code to custom field in Keap


I’m not seeing how to do #1. How do I update a row based on the first row in that column being empty?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 25 February 2023, 20:54

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3 replies

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Hi @cineag

Good question.

Try this…

Add another column called “USED” and set all the values to FALSE

Then in the Zap action GSheet - Lookup Row, search based on USED = FALSE.

Then in the following Zap action GSheet - Update Row (map the row ID from the previous step), you would set USED = TRUE, and add the email address to the Email column.

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Ohhh great idea, thanks @Troy Tessalone! I’ll try that.

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That worked like a charm @Troy Tessalone Thanks again.