How do I add Slack or Gmail approval steps to my Zap before sharing data to LinkedIn?

  • 20 October 2023
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My Zap has several steps that work fine but I can't fix the last step. I take data from Hubspot and share it to Linkedin but before data is shared in Linkedin I want a step in my zap that sends a message to Slack or Gmail to my boss and when he sees that everything is fine with the data then he accepts that and data shares to Linkedin if data was not right he Declines that and data would not share in Linkedin! Is that possible? 

Thanks for advance

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4 replies

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@Bashir012 In order to achieve this - You will need 2 zaps for it

a) First one will send the data to your Slack Channel - so that your boss can see and approve it.
b) Your Boss needs to reply to that Slack message thread with something that should be unique say it as “approved” 
create anothrer zap that should trigger new message in slack Channel → FIlter {See if the message contains “approved”} → post to LinkedIn

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Hi @Bashir012 

Good question.

Check out this related article: How to create an approvals table with Zapier Tables

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I'm not sure if I've explained this clearly, but I'll give a more detailed description. I've set up a Zap where the first step involves HubSpot, from which I pull data. In the subsequent step, ChatGPT generates text, and in the step after that, Dall generates an image. The final step involves using Gmail to send both the generated text and image, which are based on data pulled from HubSpot, to my manager.

My requirement is to incorporate two interactive buttons, "YES" and "No", in the Gmail email. These buttons allow my manager to make a choice, and the subsequent action of the Zap will depend on this choice. If my manager selects "YES", I want the Zap to go ahead and share all the data on LinkedIn, which acts as the last step in my Zap. On the other hand, if "No" is selected, I need the Zap to stop or if you know any similar solution please write to me.


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Did you review the help article that outlines how to use Zapier Tables with an Approval button?

Check out this related article: How to create an approvals table with Zapier Tables