How do I add multiple Scoro quote lines from HubSpot deal line items?

  • 20 July 2023
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I’m creating a Zap that can create Scoro Quotes from HubSpot Deals.  I’ve got the creation of the quote working but I also want to add multiple Scoro Quote Lines from the the HubSpot Deal Line Items.  

In the “Create or Update Quote” event there is the section that refers to the “lines”...

…but if I have multiple lines, how do I add them?

I have a step that retrieves the RecordID of the HubSpot Line Items associated with the HubSpot Deal. I can’t see how to loop over those Line Items in order to update the Scoro Quote with a Quote line for each Line Item?

Any help in this direction would be appreciated. 


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2 replies

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Hi @eqsDev 

Good question.

The data expected for each of the “Lines” section fields would be an array.

If you need to loop over line items in HubSpot, then those data points would need to be merged into an array.

Using the Digest app is one approach:

The Looping app can help:

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Hi @eqsDev, I just wanted to check in here to find out how you got on with Troy’s suggestions here?

Let us know if you’re stuck at all and need further help! 🙂