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How do I add an email to Trello and add it to a group in MailerLite?

I am trying to set up an action so if i add an email to Trello it gets added to a group in mailerlite (to start an email automation), There are lots of boxes to fill in the action and i dont understand what i am supposed to put in there. All i need is a customer name and email so it can be added to mailerlite. I dont know what to search on to try and understand what i am missing/ not understanding.


I might need to do the same for google forms to mailerlite too if anyone has any advice/articles i need to read first. Thanks.

Can anyone help a newbie please.


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Hi @ealeap 

Please share screenshots of what are the boxes you are seeing.

When you use this action you will only need to fill out at least the required fields, like email address, list and names, then just test it and your Zap should be fine.


Sorry I deleted the screenshots. It has all the fields but what do I need to type in to tell the app is like name and email only? I don’t know what I’m supposed to type into the text boxes?

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Hi @ealeap !

If you don’t want/need to map data into the fields you see in the Zap editor, you can leave them empty. The only fields that will need to be mapped are the ones that have ‘(required)’ in front of the field name.

If you have any questions about how to map data into those fields you can also take a look at this article:

Let us know how it goes 🙂