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How do I add a link into an automated tweet

  • 21 January 2022
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How do I add a link into an automated tweet?

I have put in text, and a photo. I want a link from the photo to my website.


Best answer by christina.d 26 January 2022, 20:21

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8 replies

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Hi @trip 

Links can be included in the Tweet content.

Thanks. So, just paste the link into the text would do the job, I guess.

What if I want the link to be triggered by a specific word in the text? or by clicking on the image?

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Hey @trip! Can you tell us more about how your Zap is set up? What is the Trigger app? Also, can you expand on what you mean when you said:

What if I want the link to be triggered by a specific word in the text? or by clicking on the image?

If you have an example of your desired outcome, that would be super helpful. Also, it doesn’t look like your attached image in your last reply came across. Mind trying again? Thanks!

Here’s the image again.

The desired outcome is an automated tweet with an image and a link to my website from the image. Or a link to my website from some text in the tweet. So the text would be “Avant Garde Science” and the url would be

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@trip when you use the “Create Tweet” action, there should be a field for you to include a direct link to an image. Within the body of text itself, you could certainly include the name of your business and the URL of your website. What’s happening when you try to set this up? Are you running into some sort of error?

Also, your attached image still isn’t loading on this end, my friend. :slight_frown:

Thanks. There is. What I am after is having the image so you can click on it and that takes you to my website.

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Hi @trip!

Gotcha! Thanks for clarifying that. Hyperlinking images and words isn’t currently possible on Twitter. It’s a limitation on their end unrelated to Zapier.

That said, if you’d like to upload a specific image with a link, Twitter will post the uploaded image with the link in the body of the tweet. 

Twitter can also show a “preview” of a site if a link is in the body of the tweet (this is assuming a photo has not been uploaded in the tweet)! This may be what you’re used to seeing as it looks a bit like the image shown here.

In order for this to work though it would require meta tags to be current on your site. There’s a question in Twitter’s developer forum regarding this and the documentation on how to set it up for your site if you’re comfortable navigating that! Here’s a bit more of a friendlier read on how Twitter cards work too. 

I hope some of this helps!

Hi Christina. Thank you so much for all this. It is a big help in finding out how things work. I have set up a tweet using cards. Works really well. I found a wordpress plugin that does all the heaving lifting!

Still not exactly what I am looking for though. When I upload a specific image, is there a way to have that image be the trigger for the link. I want the image to be a picture of my book and the link to amazon to buy it.