How can I update my Redtail CRM calendar when the appointment is rescheduled or canceled in OnceHub?

  • 11 November 2022
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I have zaps set up that will create a new calendar event in Redtail when an appointment is booked on OnceHub. I can’t figure out how to set up a zap to update my Redtail calendar when the appointment is rescheduled or cancelled in OnceHub.

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4 replies

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Hi @corie, welcome to the Community!

Could I ask which Redtail action you used to add events to your calendar? Is it Create activity? If so, then you could set up the following Zaps to update activities when an appointment is rescheduled or cancelled in OnceHub:


First Zap:

  1. (Trigger) OnceHub > Booking Rescheduled
  2. (Action) Redtail CRM > Update Activity

Second Zap:

  1. (Trigger) OnceHub > Booking Canceled
  2. (Action) Redtail CRM > Update Activity

Third Zap:

  1. (Trigger) OnceHub > Booking Cancelled and Rescheduled
  2. (Action) Redtail CRM > Update Activity

Those three OnceHub triggers will catch any time someone cancels or reschedules an appointment. 


The part that might be tricky is the Redtail Update activity step as I expect you’ll need to select which activity to update, is that right? Let me know if that is the case and we’ll try to find a way to work around that for you!

Having the same problem with Calendly - it’s flashing the error: The app returned "No matching record found for Activity id: 0". in the Redtail version.

I wanted to update it with “CANCELED:” in the subject and used the email address as the ID.

Can you let me know what the real ID is to update or what Redtail is looking for? Thank you!!

I wish I could help but I haven’t figured out how to fix this with Redtail.  

I hope you have more success with this than I did.

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Hi @corie and @phancock 

I’m sorry that this Zap isn’t working the way that you need so far. The trouble is that the Redtail integration doesn’t have a Find event step, which you would need to get the ID of event that you need for the Update event step. 

I can think of a workaround, but it’s a bit clunky. What we need is a way to associate the ID of the Oncehub (or Calendly) event with the ID of the Redtail event. To do that, we need some kind of look up table - something that stores both IDs in one place so you can lookup the Redtail event ID for any Oncehub/Calendly ID. You can create this kind of lookup table in Google Sheets or in Zapier Tables. I’d recommend using Tables as it keeps all of your data in one place so you don’t need to use another app, but it is in beta and you may be more familiar with Google Sheets. Either way, here’s how that would work. 

  1. In the Zap that creates an event in Redtail when one is book in Oncehub, add a step on the end. 
  2. Set up that step so that it adds the Oncehub Event ID in one column and the Redtail Event ID in the other column
  3. In the rescheduling Zaps, add a step after the trigger
  4. For that step, use a Find or look up search action (eg ) and look in the sheet/table for the Oncehub (or Calendly) event ID
  5. That step will then find the Redtail event ID
  6. In the Redtail Update activity step, add the event ID from the previous step

Before you try to build this, do a test to check that you can use the event ID in the Update activity step - you wouldn’t want to spend all that time building the table and the extra steps to find it doesn’t work! To test it:

  1. Find the event ID for an existing Redtail event (you can see the ID in the information from a New Activity Redtail trigger)
  2. Create a Redtail Update Activity step 
  3. Paste that into the ID field in an Update activity step
  4. Add any other information that you might need in the other fields in the step
  5. Test the action

I hope that helps and I know that’s a lot of information so please let us know if you have any questions!