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How can I trigger on Capsule for a tag update and not for a contact update overall?

  • 12 May 2022
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Hi community,


We are using Capsule as a CRM solution and Mailchimp as our emailing one. 


For our nurturing campaign, we want to update Mailchimp contacts’ tags from Capsule. 

Example: Our commercial team using Capsule adds a tag “New customer” to a contact, we want to have the same tag automatically added on the same contact in Mailchimp.


For now, we created a Zap which adds the New customer tag to Mailchimp through the trigger event “New or updated contact” on Capsule.

The issue is that it adds the “New customer” tag for any update such as an email address change.


How can we have a trigger on Capsule only for a tag update and not a contact update as a whole ? 


Thanks a lot, 


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Hi @Lucas Michel 

Good question.

Try adding a Filter step to your Zap to check the desired Capsule Tag exists.

NOTE: Other changes to the Capsule Contact could trigger this Zap as you’ve experienced, but since the Mailchimp Subscriber already has that Tag it won’t add it again.

You can get more advanced with the logic and check if the Mailchimp Subscriber already has that Tags before allowing the Zap to proceed, but that will use more Tasks.

Hi @Troy Tessalone,


Thanks a lot, I will give it a try.



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Hey @Lucas Michel just checking in here! I see you’ve opened a ticket with our support team to further discuss this workflow. Did Troy’s suggestion answer your original question here or would it be better to follow along with the support thread for now?

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Hey friends! 👋🏽I wanted to pop the recommended solution from the ticket below in case anyone following along feels comfy tackling this! 

 There might be a way to do this. For whatever reason, the Newsletter field only shows up when the Zap runs live. We typically find this is due to the way the app's API is set up. Nonetheless, we do have a workaround for this by using what is called "custom pills". Essentially, we are using a little bit of code to create our own dynamic field to map for the "Newsletter" field. 
I did a little testing and since the custom pill can't be input directly into a filter step so we have to input it into a Formatter step first. The simplest step to do this is Formatter > Text > Capitalize, so we can get this data pulled through to use in a filter step.
(view larger)
When creating the custom pill we take the node of the step the field is coming from and the name of the field and wrap them in "curly brackets" it looks like this {{123456789__field_name}}. The node comes from the Zap URL: 
(view larger)
When you are using this to retrieve fields from the trigger the Zap ID and Node are the same as you can see from your Zap ID: 
Based on the Zap Run history it looks like the Newsletter field does come in: 
(view larger)
We'll take these pills and type them into the input field for the Formatter Step, once you paste these pills in you will see the test change to this: 
(view larger)
This is expected because this a placeholder meant to retrieve the data when the Zap runs live. 
So in order to test this out, what I'll have you do is set up the Formatter > Text > Capitalize step, mapping the custom pill, but you won't be able to successfully test this step because there isn't any data. So you can just skip the test: 
(view larger)
After you have the step set up: 

  • Turn the Zap on 
  • Trigger the Zap with a Contact in Capsule that has the Newsletter subscribed to 
  • Then we can check the Zap Run for this Live Test, to see if the custom pill worked! 


I hope this is helpful!