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How can I trigger from a card being updated in Trello without having to specify one specific card?

Hi there, 

I am trying to set up a zap between Trello and Google Sheets. Basically, we utilize custom fields in Trello and we want to have a handful of those fields automatically added to a Google sheet when they are filled out in Trello. I first tried to make the trigger “new card is created in trello”, however, the card isn’t created with this info filled out. The card is created, and then someone on our team fills out the card. I then tried to set this up with “card is updated”, but it is making me specify one specific card, which also won’t work. 

Has anyone tried to set up something similar, or have any suggestions?


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Hi @kerdin 

Good question.

One (advanced approach) would be to use Trello Webhooks:

The Zap trigger would be Webhooks - Catch Hook.


Otherwise, you may have to get clever with which Trello trigger you use.

Possibly, use internal Trello Automation:

thanks for the advice! I’m going to look at Trello’s internal Automation and see how I do.

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Hey there, Kerdin! I wanted to swing by and see how you were getting along with this? We’d love to know! 🤗

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Hi @kerdin!

Checking with Trello’s automations is a great idea. If that doesn’t work, you could also look into this trigger:

I’m not 100% sure if you’ll get enough data from Trello where you can make a filter that only lets your desired updates pass to the next step(s) but I thought I’d mention it :) 

Thanks @nicksimard -- I did give this a try, but this trigger requires you to specify a certain card, which limits the whole automation to that one card, so unfortunately this route didn’t work. It looks like none of the triggers may end up working here, so looking into Trello’s automations.

Thanks for all the input!