How can I transform the accepted quotations from our prospects into orders on our Prestashop website?

  • 9 December 2022
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we’re using Axonaut as a CRM, and we would like to transform the accepted quotations from our prospects into orders on our Prestashop website.

Does someone know if it’s possible (I know that it’s not doable the straight way, but maybe there are some workarounds...) ?

Thanks in advance for your help


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3 replies

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Hi @ewagros!

It sounds like you’ve found out that there isn’t a Prestashop Zapier integration, which is why it wouldn’t be something straightforward. To start, I have added your vote to our internal ‘wishlist’ of new apps though most often it’s app companies that develop integrations for Zapier, so I’d recommend asking Prestashop if it’s something that they could put on their roadmap. 


In terms of workarounds, you could try using webhooks, though that is a more advanced option. There’s a section in this blog post about using webhooks with Zapier for apps: How to get any app to work with Zapier


If you’re not familiar with webhooks yourself, you could consider working with a Zapier expert who could set that up for you. 


I hope that gets you pointed in the right direction!

Hi Danvers,

Thanks for your reply.

So, I found that on prestaaddons there’s a module of zapier integration - it allows to create products, clients and carts from zapier into prestashop. In zapier I can get all validated quotations from Axonaut, so now the only question is how to make them work together ;)

I keep digging

Thanks a lot once again, will try to understand how the webhooks work


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Ah, interesting! It’s possible the add-on is custom built by someone at Presta since we’re not seeing it on our end. Might be worth reaching out to them directly about! 🙂

Welcome to the Zapier community! 🤗