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How can I setup a Zap to delete contacts from Sendgrid based on Salesforce status change?

  • 22 September 2023
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I recently created a Zap that adds contacts to a specific list in Sendgrid based on their Status in Salesforce. Now I want to make a Zap that will delete contacts from the same list if their Status changes and they no longer meet the criteria for the list. 


I know I can use a DELETE request to remove the contact from the list, but I need the Contact ID from Sendgrid to do so. Does anyone know how I can use a multi-step Zap to do the following?

  1. Trigger when a SFDC Contact Status changes to “Churned” 
  2. Take the contact’s email and search Sendgrid; then return the Sendgrid Contact ID
  3. Take the Contact ID and send it to Sendgrid through a DELETE request

Best answer by Troy Tessalone 22 September 2023, 21:08

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Hi @Kiera 

Good question.

You can use the Webhooks app:

SendGrid API:


Action: Webook - POST

Action: Webhook - Custom Request (DELETE)



Hi Troy, thanks for this. I’m receiving an error when I try to set up the POST request — the error is either that it’s not in valid JSON format or that there is no email, which I don’t understand

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We would need to see detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured along with the encountered errors.

Of course — this is what I have at the moment. 


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Try changing it to Custom Request POST

Add this Header:

Content-Type: application/json

Add this as the Body.

Replace the email with the variable for the email.

{"emails": [""]}

@Troy Tessalone 

That worked, thank you!


Now my only other question is how to tell Zapier to pass the returned Contact ID through to the next step, with the DELETE request?



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Try following this SendGrid API endpoint documentation:

We would need to see screenshots of your Zap step and errors.


@Troy Tessalone Sorry, I just realized I was using the List ID instead of the Contact ID in the screenshots above. I’ve changed it to Contact ID but it still doesn’t seem to be working. In the body, I have:


@Troy Tessalone Ah, I figured it out. I just needed to append the contact id to the end of the url, rather than in the body.


Thanks so much for your help today!

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Try this…

Remove the Body values.

In the URL, append this: ?delete_all_contacts=true&ids=[EMAIL]

Replace [EMAIL] with the mapped variable.