How can I send initial and follow up emails to multiple emails?

  • 20 October 2023
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Hey guys! I’ve read through some of the other posts, but still can’t seem to make this work. 

I have a spreadsheet with a list of emails. I would like zapier to send an initial email and then three follow up emails to everyone on this list, individually. 

Any suggestions for this?


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2 replies

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  1. Set Up Google Sheets:

    • Your Google Sheet should have at least the following columns: Email, Name (optional), Initial Email Sent (YES/NO), Follow-up 1 Sent (YES/NO), Follow-up 2 Sent (YES/NO), Follow-up 3 Sent (YES/NO).
  2. Create Zaps in Zapier:

    a. Initial Email:

    • Trigger: Set the trigger to "New Row in Google Sheets". Select your sheet and the worksheet.
    • Action 1 (Gmail): Choose Gmail's "Send Email" action. Map the email column from Google Sheets to the "To" field in Gmail. Craft your initial email content.
    • Action 2 (Google Sheets): Update the row in the sheet to change the "Initial Email Sent" column to "YES".

    b. Follow-up Email 1:

    • Trigger: Use the "Updated Row in Google Sheets" and set up a filter where the "Initial Email Sent" is "YES" and "Follow-up 1 Sent" is "NO".
    • Action 1 (Delay by Zapier): Set a delay for when you want the first follow-up to be sent.
    • Action 2 (Gmail): Choose Gmail's "Send Email" action and craft your follow-up email content.
    • Action 3 (Google Sheets): Update the row in the sheet to change the "Follow-up 1 Sent" column to "YES".

    c. Follow-up Email 2 & 3: Repeat the process for the subsequent follow-up emails, adjusting the delay and filters accordingly.

  3. Test Your Zaps: Before fully automating, make sure to test your Zaps to ensure that the emails are sent correctly and the sheet updates as intended.

  4. Activate Your Zaps: Once tested, turn on your Zaps. When a new row is added to the Google Sheet, the initial email will be sent, followed by the follow-up emails based on your set delays.

    @brandsbybrie try the above one 👆🏻

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Hi @brandsbybrie 

Good question.

I’d recommend using Airtable instead of GSheets.

Airtable has Views, which are segments of data. (sort, filter, show/hide fields, reorder fields, etc.)

Views can be used to trigger Zaps.

Airtable has Automations.

Airtable Automations have a native integration with Gmail.


The idea being you set up Views with Filter conditions for each email you want to send.

Then you can use Date fields or Formula fields as part of the View Filter conditions to trigger the emails.

e.g. Date = Today