How can I send an attachment with Sendgrid integration?

  • 5 February 2024
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I wanted to replace the zapier send an email action by the Sendgrid send an email action.

I love zapier send an email action, with only one exception: clicking “do not receive emails” will deactivate my zapp, which is an app availability killer.

Should only deactivate zap for the user in question.

So I wanted to ditch zapier send an email action and replace it with Sendgrid.

But sendgrid doesn’t let add attachments apparently.

Did someone else already have this issue?



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3 replies

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Hi @Tris 

I’d recommend sending attachments as links in the body of the email.

Hi @Troy Tessalone and thanks


Indeed that would be an option if security was not a topic,

But the since the google doc is created as shared to anyone with the link by default, it’s too insecure to share the link.

We discussed it here: Is "Set Email Address in Sharing Preferences for Google Doc" now possible? | Zapier Community

I solved the doc being public by writing a google script that automatically restricts access,

But it means the link in the email is not useful as the user couldn’t open it

Thanks though!

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Perhaps reference this help article from SendGrid: