How can I remove users from wait steps in a Zap based on status changes in Pipedrive?

  • 12 September 2023
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Hi there,

I'm trying figure out how I can remove users in a wait step using another zap.

Here's the scenario:

The user completes a lead form and goes into a zap, which triggers emails and adds them to Pipedrive for the sales team to call.

In the interim, the original zap continues to email users - I have a couple of wait steps and a filter that looks to see if the status of the lead is won //filter step: only continue if Deal status = won which doesn't work every time, or sometimes users fall through the cracks and get emails that aren't relevant.

Is there a way to use another zap that's triggered on the status change in Pipedrive to remove lost users from the wait steps of other zaps or create a goal in the zap that ends the zap?

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4 replies

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Hi @Rich_T 

Good question.

There is no ability to use another Zap to remove a Zap Run in progress from a Wait step.

You’ll have to structure your Zap logic different to address this.

Currently I have a whole mess about with lots of additional filter steps to do this but I was sure there must be a simpler way of doing this.. 

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Hi there @Rich_T,

Before we dig deeper into this, would you mind sharing a detailed screenshot of how your Zap is configured? This is for us to get a full context of the Zap that you’re working on.

Please don't include personal information in the screenshot, or be sure blur out any personal information.

Thanks! 😊


This is the basic layout that repeats a bunch of times to send out 6 or 7 emails.