How can I remove a contact from a Freshsales campaign when they place an order?

  • 2 December 2022
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We are running a campaign through Freshsales Suit:

  1. Send an email with the link to place an order or schedule a call
  2. If a meeting is scheduled(Calendly), the contact will exit the campaign
    I will get Zapier to update the custom field of the contact and then set a condition in the campaign, once the condition is met (in this case, scheduling a meeting), they exit
  3.  If a contact places the order, they exit the campaign 
    This is the part that I am not sure how to achieve. I thought of getting the order data on a google sheet and let Zapier update Freshsales contact based on the information in the sheet. Then similar to the meeting, set condition.

Is there a better way to achieve this through Zapier ?

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3 replies

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Hi @jayeshaboundfi, welcome to the Community!

For this part: If a meeting is scheduled(Calendly), the contact will exit the campaign You could set up a Zap that uses Calendly as the trigger. 

  1. Trigger: Calendly, Invitee Created
  2. Action: Update contact

For the second part: If a contact places the order, they exit the campaign How do contacts place an order? For example is that recorded in Freshsales or another app? Or is it something that’s manually recorded by your team? If we know how that works, we can hopefully find a Zap trigger that will work for you 🙂

@Danvers Thank you for your response.


We will have a sign-up link in the email. The order will be placed on our website through Stripe, so the data will be available in our database. We can also copy the info to Google sheet. 

Order data → Zapier → Freshsales 

What is the best way to connect Order data and Zapier?

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Hi @jayeshaboundfi ! I see you have a conversation going with our Support team but wanted to circle back with their suggested next steps to close the loop on this thread:


It sounds like you’re definitely on the right track- for your specific workflow, use the Trigger "New Spreadsheet Row" for Google Sheets, then the Action "Update contact in Freshsales Suite".

You can then set up the action however you need so that the contact can be added for completed orders.


If you run into any additional issues with this particular Zap, just respond to your email with Support and they can take a look inside your specific Zap!