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How can I push data from ActiveCampaign into Mixpanel for analytics, such as conversion rates on all landing pages?

  • 20 September 2022
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Hi there!

We use Mixpanel for our data analytics and have built a few landing pages on ActiveCampaign. I’m looking for ideas around how I can push data from ActiveCampaign into Mixpanel for analytics such as conversion rates on all landing pages etc. Any ideas?

Through Zapier - how can I do the following:

  • Catch users who go to all landing pages set on Active campaign
  • Add them to a list on Active campaign
  • Measure all users who click on the sign up button
  • Measure all users who complete sign up
  • Compare total sign up rates for both landing pages

Is there any other way to do this? Possible to do it directly on Mixpanel where we track page views or clicks from the landing pages? I’m not sure if AC allows embedding tracking codes into the landing pages

Any help appreciated!

Thank you so much,


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Hi Sadhana, welcome to the community!

A good place to start when you’re trying to work out if something is possible on Zapier is to look at the triggers and actions available for the apps. A trigger is what starts a Zap (workflow) and an action is something that the Zap does. Here’s the pages for Active Campaign and Mix Panel

Active Campaign



There is a Mixpanel action ‘Track Event’, which sounds like you’d be able to tell Mixpanel that a specific event happened. I’m not familiar with Active Campaign, but if you could use that to track website clicks and then add someone to a list based on a click, you could then create a Zap along these lines:

Trigger - Active Campaign - New contact added to list

Action - Mixpanel: Track Event 


Do you think that would do what you need for getting the information to Mixpanel? I’d recommend starting with Active Campaign to see what it can track on your website (if you can’t do that straight from Mixpanel). Let us know how you get on!