How can I pick the right data of a repeater field from a wordpress website that uses Formidable Forms?

  • 4 September 2022
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I am using Zapier to connect a wordpress website that uses Formidable Forms to PDFMonkey. When a form is submitted, the data get sent to PDFMonkey via Zapier and a PDF is created and then sent away. I established the connection and everything works fine but a repeater field in the form is giving me the following challenge: I select the right data in Zapier to be sent away but the ID number of the repeater fields increases every time that the form is submitted. This doesn't happen with all the other fields, only with the fields inside the repeater. So you can see that Zapier doesn't recognise the data because the id of the field has changed.

I posted a screenshot where you can see one of the repeater fields ("1_image_13"). This field has multiple data depending on how many "1_image_13" fields have been generated. The ID of each one of those is the following: "Rmz 0 M 123 50 G 5". "123" is the number that increases and it gets to "137" (15 fields max allowed), which is ok for one submission. But not for the following submission, because that number doesn't stay the same, but starts with "138". How can I fix this? Do I need to change something in Formidable Forms or in Zapier?

Thank you for your time!

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Hi @FrancescoBrogi!

Thanks for your question, it’s a little tricky to understand what might be happening without some more detail. I don’t think your screenshot uploaded, could you try posting it again (don’t forget to remove any personal/private information!)

Also, could you please confirm each step of the Zap so we can see what you have so far, thanks!