How can I make my Zap send to a specific email address instead of all of my Gmail addresses?

  • 9 July 2022
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so i have set up my zap to take lecture completions from teachable as a trigger and send out an email when a specific lecture is completed by someone on the mailing list. However, whenever someone finishes the lecture, the email is sent to all the addresses i added onto GMail. Can someone please help me and tell me what i am doing wrong? 

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5 replies

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Hello @ayah98 

Can you share screeshots of how the zap was configured so we can have more context.

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@Satya09 what exactly would you need to see? :) so I make sure to send the right thing

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Hey @ayah98! What would be helpful is to know the steps of your Zap as well as have screenshots of each step’s action template. Just be sure not to include any sensitive/personal data in those screenshots! 🙂

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Hi @jesse i figured it out, but now my zaps are all sending atthe same time

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Hey @ayah98, thanks for letting us know! What ended up being the solution?

As for your Zaps running at the same time, are you able to elaborate further? Specifically, it would be helpful to know how many Zaps you have now, what they do, how you want them to run, and what is happening instead.

Looking forward to hearing back so we can work together in getting this sorted!