How can I guarantee that Zapier always takes the last added data in Google Sheets?

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I am trying to send automatic text messages using a spreadsheet and GOTO connect. My idea is that every time a contact is added in the last row a message is sent to the added phone with the added name.

So far I have been successful only once, it seems to have problems choosing the phone number which should be the last one added.

How can I guarantee that Zapier always takes that last added data in the spreadsheet?

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Hi @Felipe_2022 

Good question.

Make sure to review the available help articles for how to use GSheets with Zaps:

Especially these:


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Hey @Felipe_2022! Since your Zap was successful once already, I know there is certainly a solution out there! Were you able to get it figured out? If not, posting some screenshots of how your Zap is set up will better allow up to help troubleshoot with you 🙂

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To add to @TamRazzleDazzle’s reply, could you let us know which Google Sheets trigger you’re using? Thanks!

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Hey @Felipe_2022! I just wanted to follow up here and see if you were able to get your Zap to pick the correct phone number? Let us know if you need further assistance 🙂