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How can I get a pre-built, pre-loaded, pre-configured integrations of 50+ CRMs in my product?

  • 14 September 2020
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Hi All,

I am building an analytics tool over the most successful CRM tools of the world. The Users of my platform can connect their CRMs and trigger our special analytics to give them credible predictions on when and account can close and other cool stuff.

I want to create a Zapier integration with my analytics tool. I plan to use the Zapier for Companies. I plan to treat each of my customers as a Team inside my Zapier for Companies who will validate their domains and become users.

I also wish to start with pre-loaded and pre-configured Zapier integrations for the CRMs. It should be such that all they need to is enter their CRM credentials and I can populate all their CRM data into my analytics tool from the pre-loaded and pre-configured CRM to my analytics tool zaps (like fetching all new CRM data and fetching any updated data).

This will save my users the further trips away from my application and they can just use my pre-configured zaps with their credentials. Is this possible to do?


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Hi @manasij 

Great idea with your product here.

There are two things to consider here:

  • For your idea to run your customers zaps via your own Zapier account, I’m afraid you’re likely to fall foul of Zapier ‘no reselling’ policy. It’s important that each customer using your integration do so via their own account. You could certainly manage their account for them, and even pay for it - but each separate customer must have their own separate Zapier account.


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Hi @manasij!

Based on what you’ve described here, I don’t think that that will be possible with Zapier. For example, you wouldn’t be able to have users enter their CRM password once and that would connect up all the Zaps; you’d need to ask them to go into each Zap and configure any Zap steps that use the CRM so that they use the relevant connected account. 

Also (and more importantly), as @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu said, if you charge people for using Zapier when you add them to your plan, then that would definitely be classed as reselling and is against Zapier’s Terms of Service

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Hey Guys,


Thanks for your time in responding to me. It was very helpful.

Yes, I do plan to join the Zapier platform and have my product integrate with the Zapier platform.

I would like to build my product with Zapier as the glue for all solutions. 

I would like my customers to have their own Zapier accounts but I would like to pay for it and manage it. I don’t know how to do it though, but I am assuming there would be some way to do this in the Zapier platform.

I would like to provide my customers pre-configured Zap templates (such as soon as a new Contact is created in a CRM, a pre-configured Zap must run and hydrate my product with the new Contacts data).

The customer can see such pre-configured zap templates and all they need to do is choose the ones they like and configure them by providing the relevant Zaps with the necessary authentication/authorizations for the Zaps to run.

For example, if the customer likes the above mentioned pre-configured Zap template, that creates a new Contact in my product as soon as the CRM gets a new Contact, all they would need to do is select the Zap template, add their Zapier account info, add their CRM account info and that's all - the CRM and my product can now exchange data without my customer having to create the Zap from scratch.

I plan to have a bunch of such pre-configured Zap templates for a superfast customer onboarding where all the customer needs to do is select the Zap templates and add their Zapier account info and CRM account info and they are good to go.

Do you think this is possible? If yes, is there someone I can discuss this on a call or something? Would appreciate your response to this.