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How can I generate a pdf of one Google Sheet worksheet (not the entire file) to send by email

  • 4 January 2023
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Hello Zapier Community,


I need some help to achieve my goal ! ;) I hope you can guide me to getting this work ! ** fingers crossed **


I have a Google Form that my leads complete.

The GForms fill automatically a row of information in a first GSheet (responses from GForms)

My Zapier triggers when the first GSheet has a new row and it starts by coping that row of information into another GSheet which with loads of differents calculations brings up on one specific Worksheet a report.

Up to this all is OK ;) 

I now need to create a pdf of the specific Worksheet and send it out by email to the person who filled in the GForms.

This is where I block.

I have seen how to generate a pdf of my entire Spreadsheet but I don’t need to send out all my calculations etc… out. I just want the final report to be sent out.

I saw how I could “publish to the web” in pdf and send that link by email but my page settings go out the window and if by chance I have 2 answers at the same time I am not confidend that it would send the right info to the right person…


I have tried to copy the worksheet but it takes the formulas and so I loose everything on the report. Is there a way of copy/paste with format & values?


If someone can highlight me on generating this pdf (if possible without any extra apps) I would be gratefull!


Thank you very much !




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Hi @Kim KeepCalm.Biz 

Good question.


Check out this related topic:


If you need to, hide the worksheet tabs that are not relevant.

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Hi @Troy Tessalone 

Thank you for your quick response !

I thought we had got the right solution by hidding the tabs I didn’t need but unfortunately, the file that calculates being the base file and google giving a link to the base file and not a direct pdf, if I come back to my link later in my email and not to the pdf I would have downloaded on the moment (if no-one else has done the GForms in between) I will have the latests leads info… :’( 

What could I do to go round that do you think?
Thanks for you precious help !


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@Kim KeepCalm.Biz 

We’d need more visual context to better understand what is configured and what is not working. (screenshots)

Make sure your desired worksheet tab to get as a PDF is the first worksheet tab even with the hidden worksheet tabs.

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@Troy Tessalone

Globally it works it is just that as the GForms GSheet answers sends one line of data into my “report maker” which is a Google Sheet and that Zapier sends out in the email le pdf export link, if another lead has generated a report the previous one sees his report updated to the new data, because le email sends a Sheet link to export in pdf and not directly a pdf.

I guess the trick will be for each lead that fills in the GForms I ask Zapier to create the hole database per lead and send out a unique link per lead. Because at the moment le link is unique for all my leads…

What do you think?

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@Kim KeepCalm.Biz 

Did you follow this guide?


If you use the correct link to export the PDF format?


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@Troy Tessalone 

Yes I did indeed ! But finally doing one file per lead works better and comes out with a proper pdf that I can name as I want too. I did exactly the same except that the first time gmail refused that I had the pdf address like an attachement, and now is OK with it. Maybe something to do with the sharing property of the file it self.
The whole zap looks like this:


and the email result :

Thank you very much for your guidance and support (I discovered the file sharing preference and find file thanks to you and the forum) 🙏🙏🙏

I have just lost the emojis in the pdf and a little moving of the layout that I will sort out, nothing too bad ! Better done than perfect !
Now I just need to make all the zap properly clean with the official emails etc… :) Whoop Whoop !

Have a great evening ! 🎉🎉🎉