How can I find any folder when getting to “set up action” in Excel Sheet or worksheet in OneDrive?

I am trying to create a Zoho Forms to Excel zap.  I have successfully linked my Zoho Forms account and Excel account to Zapier.  When I get to the “set up action” it’s not allowing me to find a folder, a spreadsheet or a worksheet in my OneDrive.  It’s like my OneDrive is not connected, although I do have OneDrive as a connected app.  At this step I feel like I should be able to select one of my OneDrive folders where I have a newly created Folder named “Zapier”, and select my spreadsheet “student onboarding”, but I can’t.  


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Hey there, @tomfermier! Thanks for reaching out!

I took a quick peek and it looks like you were able to chat with my teammate in Support. Did their recommendation to select the dropdown “Spreadsheet” help get you back on track? Keep us posted! 🤗


Hi, It did not work.  When I click on spreadsheet the only drop down will be field options from my Zoho Form.  I want the process flow to go FROM a Zoho Form TO Excel.  I’m seeing that my Zoho Forms is connected to Zapier.  It also says my Excel is connected to Zapier.  I’m not seeing drop down options for the Excel sheet I want to push the Zoho Form into.

Is it ever an option to do a quick screen share/AnyDesk session with someone in support?  I bet someone who knows Zapier well would be able to figure this out quickly.  

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Hi @tomfermier !

From your description it looks like when opening the dropdown you’re clicking on ‘Custom’, which contains all the fields available for mapping from the previous steps.

If this is not the case and you can’t find the spreadsheet you need to select, please respond to my colleague in the ticket you opened with our support, since they’re able to dig into your Zaps and see the logs 🙂