How can I find a Google Drive file using its URL in Zapier?

Can anyone teach me

if there is a way to “find a file” in Google Drive by using the [file URL].

* by [file URL] I mean the unique URL given in a google drive →


Currently I can only “find a file” by using the [title] of the file. 


The reason I want find a file” in Google Drive by using the [file URL]

is because is want to trigger the Zap by a new row in an spreadsheet,

which includes a file URL information which I want to copy to a new folder in google drive.

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Hi @shoshosho 

The GDrive File URL includes the File ID, which can be parsed out from the File URL to use.

Help article to reference:

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Hello @shoshosho, welcome to the Community! 🎉

Were you able to get this sorted by extracting the file’s ID from the URL, as Troy suggested? 

Let us know if you’re in need of any further help at all - happy to assist! 🙂