How can I extract image from Slack message?

How can i extract image from slack message?


The flow is:

  1. Message sent in certain slack channel
  2. Certain emoji added → zapier activates
  3. adding lead in pipedrive with an image (from that slack message) as attachement


Really hope to find how to do it!

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Hey @Jlaczynski ,


Will your users on slack enter message and image together in a single message? If Yes, than it is easily possible.


In test data you will get output like this which is image. You can use this output to add in Pipedrive.


Hey yes - in a single message.


Can you explain to me what exactly this “file” property is? I mean i see that it is not a htpps or something like that. 


How can I upload it to the pipedrive?

And also - i cannot find this file property in search bar 

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Can you share a screenshot of how did you setup the Pipedrive action?



I mean it looks like this right now (picture below). Currently It just create an activity with link to a slack message.


But I know that i need to use “attach file” action in pipedrive, so probably im gonna do “create note” and then attach file to it.


Main question is - i don’t really understand how to extract this hydrated string and/or how to use it for next steps :D 


If you could share how it suppose to look like that would be super helpful 


Look, in the “attach file” action i just cannot find the “file” string with hydrated file


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Hey @Jlaczynski , The file value will be something like  Exists but not shown

Oh! That makes sense :D So just property with “Exist but not shown” (already found it) in the File field and nothing else? Should that work just fine?

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Hi @Jlaczynski 👋

Just wanted to pop in here to note that the Message Files 0 File field (displays a value of Exists but not shown) is only available if the Slack user uploaded the image to the message as an attachment using the + button:

If the image is embedded in the message by linking to it in the message text, for example:
Then the file field won’t be present. Instead you’d need to use the Message Attachments 0 Image URL field. 

So if there’s sometimes cases where an image is linked to rather than uploaded as an attachment then you might want to try adding a Formatter (Text > Default Value) action to output the value in the Message Attachments 0 Image URL field if the Message Files 0 File field field doesn’t have a value. Then in the Pipedrive action you’d use the output of the Formatter action to add the file.

Hope that helps. Please do keep us updated on how you get on with this! 🙂