How can I extract and forward specific PDF attachments from Microsoft Outlook emails?

  • 28 June 2023
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I'm looking to create a zap that does the following. 
Outlook email inbox receives email > grab email PDF attachment and forward to another email > upload that PDF to an FTP
As of right now the zap is uploading the PDF attachment in a zip and is forwarding that through to the email/FTP - Is there a way I'm able to specifically just grab the PDF attachment and use that going forward?
Really just needing to grab the attached PDF file and then proceed to forward that to another email and upload to an FTP.
However, it keeps giving me a ZIP file..

3 replies

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Hi @CamM 

Good question.

As a workaround, Gmail has this trigger: New Attachment


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Another possible workaround:

Use a Dropbox Automated Folder.

It can be configured to unzip files.


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Otherwise, you’ll have to us another app to unzip files, such as Zip Archive API: