How can I efficiently access and convert state and country codes using Zapier Tables for Mautic?

  • 9 January 2024
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So I’ve created a couple of zapier tables converting 2 character state and 2 character country codes to full names to be imported into mautic from woocommerce.   But…   Do I really have to go to all the trouble of inputing 50 keys and values for the state and 190 keys and values for the country using utilities->format->lookup  when it is sitting right there in a zapier table just ready to go???    REally???   There’s got to be a better way of accessing these values in 2024 other than this.   

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2 replies

Never mind figured it out only to find out multistep is for money!   Time to switch to open source

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Hi @michaeljefferson, thanks for joining the Community! 👋

That’s correct, using a lookup table that’s been set up in Zapier Tables (or Formatter for that matter) would turn the Zap into a multi-step Zap which requires a paid plan. Very sorry to hear it’s not going to be a viable option for you. I’ve submitted your comments to the relevant teams here to ensure they’re taken into consideration. I can’t make any promises as to whether it would definitely become possible to use multi-step Zaps on a free plan but we’ll be sure to follow up with you if it ever does! 

In the meantime, for anyone that comes across this thread that might be interested in how it’s done with Zapier tables…

  • You could use this template to set up the lookup table in Zapier Tables.
  • Then in your Zap you’d need to add a Zapier Tables search action like Find or Create Record to the Zap. See our Search for existing data in Zaps guide.
  • That would allow the Zap to search that lookup table for a specific country code for example and return the corresponding country name. 

Hope the above helps! 🙂