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How can I do that when I change task the the Google Calendar does not updates the date and time accordingly

  • 20 April 2021
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How can I do that when I change task the the google calendar does not updates the date and time accordingly. the current zap is -> Google calendar.


I’d even like the reverse but that does not exist . 


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4 replies

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Hi @zvilich,

You can just leave the time and date field empty for Google calendar in Action step so that time and date do not get updated.

Your question contains less context so for a proper solution, I’d advise you to elaborate more.

Hi , Thanks for the reply ,
I will elaborate as much as needed.

I’d like a good solution for ↔️ Google Calendar syncing 

(BTW not Google Tasks as it is sadly another application in the mobile)

I am working mainly in the mobile but not always.

In the mobile I added an task with a date.
(Lets say I managed to make it appear in the Google Calendar correctly in the correct time (Issue#1*)).

*Issue#1 - this also did not always work smoothly for some reason;

Now something in my plans changed.
I want to change only the Date or Time in only one application ( or Google Calendar).
So it will reflect also in the other.
( → Google Calendar , Google Calendar→ , one is good, both even great)


  1. Was I Clearer?
  2. pointers regarding issue#1?
  3. regrading issue#2? which direction is feasible? any pointer?


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Hi @zvilich!

Thanks for elaborating on what you’re trying to accomplish. The first problem is that does not have an Updated Task trigger, so you won’t be able to go from to Google Calendar for updates.

The opposite would be possible, to trigger on an updated Google Calendar event then update This link will start that Zap for you.

BUT, coming up with a way to update the correct task in might be tricky since they don’t offer a Find Task action. You’ll want to see if you’re able to add the ID of the task somewhere in the Google Calendar event (assuming you create that via Zapier when you add a task in that you can then use it when it comes time to update the task. 

The next challenge is that the New or Updated Event trigger can’t be limited to ONLY updated events, so you have to find a way to make sure you don’t try to update a task based on the event being created.

Honestly, it seems like this would take quite a bit of effort to make it run smoothly :(

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?