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How can I create an If then Else function?

  • 4 February 2021
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I have two Zaps that have the same trigger to start but then after another test do two different functions. How do I create an IF then Else fucntion so I could include both possible operations in one Zap?


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5 replies

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Hi @rosco1956 

Can you elaborate a bit more? 

Depending on the apps this could change a bit. Sometimes it’s possible to look up values if moving forward is conditional of another zap running or data changing. You could also try to incorporate Storage by Zapier into your workflow or try Paths by Zapier. 


GetUWired Thank you for your ideas.

I set up a single Zap using Paths by Zapier but unfortunately cannot try it without upgrading my subscription.

I will see if I can do the same working with Storage using my Starter Subscription.

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Hi @rosco1956! It sounds like using a filter step in 2 Zaps might help here. 


For example, you can set up 2 Zaps, both Zaps use the same trigger.

Zap A has a filter step after the trigger that only allows the Zap to continue if the trigger has the word ‘apple’ in it. 

Zap B has a filter after the trigger that only allows the Zap to continue if the trigger has the word ‘banana’ in it. 


If the information in the trigger is apple, only Zap A will run, if it’s banana, only Zap B will run. Setting up the Zaps like this creates a rudimentary if/then function that doesn’t use Paths. 


This help guide explains the example above in more detail: Add Branching logic to Paths using filters


Hi Danvers

I have two Zaps but would prefer to have one which continues with either ‘Apples’ or ‘Oranges’. I have configured a new Zap with Paths But cannot test it as I don’t have a Pro subscription.


Best Wishes



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Mod Edit: 03-03-2023

Just wanted to jump in here to go over some of the different options available! :)

Paths by Zapier
The best way to easily add If/Else logic to your Zaps is by using Paths by Zapier. It would allow you to run different actions in a single Zap based on whether whether a condition is met or not - Add branching logic to Zaps with paths

This guide talks about how to use Paths or a Formatter (Utilities > Lookup Table) to add different tags to leads based on certain values which may also be helpful to review:

Filter by Zapier
As Paths does require a Professional (or higher) Zapier plan, Filters may be a better option. Using two different Zaps each using a Filter by Zapier step, as Danvers suggested, would be a good alternative to Paths - Add conditions to Zaps with filters

With both Filters and Paths, it’s possible to set up multiple Filter rules with AND or OR logic. So AND logic could be used to only allow the Zap to continue if both Apples and Oranges were mentioned. And OR logic could be used to allow the Zap to continue if either Apples or Oranges were mentioned - What's the difference between AND and OR logic in filters and paths?

Spreadsheet-Style Formulas
Depending on the specific use case, another possibility would be to use a Formatter (Spreadsheet-Style Formula) to create an If statement. We have some handy articles that talk about how to use spreadsheet style formulas here:

Code by Zapier
Similarly, a Code by Zapier step can also be used to run an If statement. Examples of how to use If statements in Code steps can be found here: