How can I connect my Safety Culture (IAuditor) account with my HubSpot account and manage everything from HubSpot?

  • 10 April 2023
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Hi Zapier Team, 

I'm Risena and I'm reaching out to seek your support. 

Currently, I’m looking to connect our Safety Culture (IAuditor) app with our HubSpot account because we want to have every information that we actually have in our Safety Culture (IAuditor) app, we want to have it in our HubSpot CRM and manage it everything from there. 

Is there any possibility that we can connect these two apps and transfer all the data/information to HubSpot? 

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2 replies

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Hi @Risena26 🤗 -

Welcome to Zapier Community! Connecting the two apps is possible, however, the Zap would be created using our API (Beta) Request on the Hubspot end. You can see more on the integration here

As for transferring data, depending on what information you are looking to transfer, or how you would like to proceed in setting up your Zap, a great option would be Transfer by Zapier. This allows you to transfer data in bulk. Again, depending on how you plan to use your Zap in totality, would determine where this step is used in your Zap. 

Let me know if you have questions on this! 

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Hi @Risena26 

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your interest in Zapier.

Yes, you can connect your account in SafetyCulture and HubSpot and create integration between those two apps.


Here’s a helpful link for HubSpot:

Hopefully this helps!