How can I connect incoming DocuSign envelopes with Pipedrive deals that have text before their search title?

Hey Zapier community,

I need help connecting incoming DocuSign envelopes with existing Pipedrive deals. The issue is that I can't find the Pipedrive deals because their titles have text before the actual title, which is an address. For example: "ABC: {adress}". Here ABC is the origin of the deal, but from the moment we sign the Docusign envelope it isn’t necessary in the title. Is there a way to use Formatter or something else to search for the deal (the adress) with a wider search criteria (search for exact match is already off)? The title always has the same formation; “{origin}: {adress}”.

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Hi there @Dries! 👋

Yes, you could potentially use a Formatter (Text > Split Text) action for this. For the Input field on that Formatter action you’d select the field from DocuSign that contains the title. If there’s always a colon between the origin and address you would use a colon (:) as the Separator. Then to get only the address you’d select Last as the Segment Index. For example:

That should get rid of the origin and only obtain the address details from the title. You can then use that as the value to search for in Pipedrive. You can find out more about how to use Formatter’s Split Text transform feature here: Using Split Text to Extract Data

Hope that helps. Please do let us know how you get on with this! 🙂



Thanks for the fast respons. The problem here is that the trigger is the incoming Docusign envelope (with only the adress) and it is the Pipedrive deal (that has the origin) that is being searched.

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Ah I see, thanks for clarifying that here @Dries!

Ok, so searching for the deal in Pipedrive using the address supplied by DocuSign doesn’t find a match for the deal, because it’s missing the origin, correct? 

If so, is there any information that comes over from DocuSign which would help to indicate the origin? If there is, then I’m thinking you could potentially use that information to add the origin to search terms being used on the Find Deal action.

Do you think that could work or is there no way of determining the origin from the information received from DocuSign?