How can I automatically create a Shopify blog post with a custom date from a WordPress blog?

  • 17 July 2023
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Hello, is it possible to automatically creating a blog post in Shopify with a custom date.


I am using a Wordpress blog that connects tih Shopify via Zapier to create a blog post in Shopify when a new post is published in Wordpress. Some of these blog posts have older dates. Can that publish date be posted to Shopify? Or can it simply be a boolean response?

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6 replies

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Hi @rewarden 

Good question.

These are the available fields for the Zap action: Shopify - Create Blog Entry


Hi @Troy Tessalone, thank you for your response.

I see in the Is Published section there is a ‘Custom’ field. And in the response to Shopify it’s showing 

created_at 2023-07-17T08:53:51-07:00 in the data. Is there any way to pass that time in the Is Published field to set the blog post date? 




Sorry, I think it would actually be better to use the following API Date data from Wordpress to use as the publish date in Shopify:


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The field “Is Published?” expects a boolean value of true or false.

@Troy Tessalone, thank you for confirming. Sounds like we may need a custom API solution in place to achieve the publish date functionality.


Much appreciated! 

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Hi @rewarden! 👋

Just came across this and found there’s a feature request for a number of fields to be added to the “Create Blog Entry” action, including the published at date value. That seems like it would be just what you’re after here so I’ve added your vote to that feature request. I can’t make any promises as to when that field would be added but we’ll be sure to let you know by email as soon as it is.

In the meantime, as you say, you may need to work with Shopify’s API in order to create the blog entry and set the publish date. If we come across any other workarounds in the meantime we’ll be sure to share details of them here! 🙂