How can I automate uploading a document from Airtable into a newly created Google Drive folder?

  • 20 February 2024
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Hi there! I was hoping I could get some help on an automation I’m trying to set up. What I’m trying to do:


Once a new record is submitted into Airtable, a zap creates a new file folder in Google Drive

Then once the folder is created, another zap uploads a doc from an airtable column into the newly created folder.


I have the first part complete of getting a folder to be created based on a new Airtable entry but I also want a doc from that same entry to go into the new folder but I can’t see to figure out how to make that happen. Any suggestions?



1 reply

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Hi @helpattfd 

Try adding this step…

Action: GDrive - Upload File

Map the Folder ID from the previous step

Help article about sending files in Zaps:


If you still need help, post screenshots of your Zap steps.