How can I auto-upload Gmail attachments to specific Google Drive folders for numerous contractors?

  • 12 February 2024
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I need a possible solution on how I can automatically upload incoming gmail attachment to its specific folder on google drive. To put in specifics suppose I received a specific email with an attached file that needs to be uploaded to specific folder on google drive now I tried doing this by creating lots of paths and different zaps for each contractors but there are many of them so path limit is an issue. Is there any other way to do this? i can do different zaps for different contractors but can i use other tools to fit it in one? 

thank you

6 replies

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Hi @Beka 

Try using a Lookup Table:


Can you expand on this? I have 11 different clients with their own google drive folders and each of them contain 4 main folders (MAF,IPC,WIR,RFI) and in each of them there are different contractors. is there any way to automate process, i receive an email with an attachment which for example is named “Client-MAF-Contractor” I need this to be moved to that specific clients MAF folder and to specific contractor folder. how can i automate process by using lookup table do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

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Can you outline a specific example for us to have more context?

We would need to see the file name and the matching GDrive Folders.

You may need to use a Formatter > Text > Split (return as separate fields) to isolate the parts of the file name to then use to search by for GDrive Folders.


The trigger for zap would be new attachment from gmail (from one specific email)

New attachment has name as follows: our company name-client-document type (ex. WIR)-contractor name-discipline-revision-grade, every one of them has 2, 3 or 4 letter abbreviation so for example:

LMK-GTC-WIR-ANJ-CIV-001-Rev00.pdf from this example I need to sort buy Client (GTC), Document type (WIR), and contractor (ANJ) i need this attachment to move to GTC’s folder > WIR folder > ANJ’s folder. 

now i am guessing the workflow will be something like this: 

  1. trigger new attachment on gmail
  2. filter by name the document type maybe using paths (WIR,IPC,MAF,RFI) 
  3. find a folder on Gdrive by client name (GTC) and contractor name (ANJ) (lookup table?)
  4. move a file to that specific folder

Now i understand that layout should be something like this but i don’t understand how lookup table could be used or how finding a folder could be used (so basically steps 3 and 4)

Gdrive folder is as follows 


company abbreviation  > 10 QC > 05 WIR’s > 02 contractor name > 00 Submissions


every client folder as the same numbering in the beginning (10 is for QC, 05 is for WIR’s, 02 is for contractor, 00 is for submissions)  so i am guessing i could use that to my advantage.

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Try these Zap steps:

  1. Trigger: Gmail - New Attachment
  2. Action: Filter
    1. TBD if you need this step or not as you may be able to filter in Step 1
  3. Action: Formatter > Text > Split
    1. Split by -
    2. Return as separate fields
  4. Action: GDrive - Find Folder
    1. Search by Client (GTC)
    2. Set the Parent Folder to search within
  5. Action: GDrive - Find Folder
    1. Search by Doc Type (WIR)
    2. Map the Folder ID from the previous step to search within
  6. Action: GDrive - Find Folder
    1. Search by Contractor (ANJ)
    2. Map the Folder ID from the previous step to search within
  7. Action: GDrive - Upload File
    1. Map the Folder ID from the previous step