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How can I add subfolders from Google Drive to be uploaded to my Dropbox folder?

  • 4 August 2022
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I am looking to setup a connection between a Google Drive folder to a Dropbox folder with the expectation that any time files and subfolders are added to this Google Drive folder, they would be uploaded to the Dropbox folder.

I have been successful only on the initial test of a new file. Subsequent files and folders have been ignored. I am wondering what I am doing wrong and the proper steps to achieve the intended actions.

If someone can help with steps or point me to the relevant help/kb article, I would appreciate the help.



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6 replies

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You may need 2 zaps… 
Zap 1: Trigger: New File in Folder in Google Drive

Zap 2: Trigger: New Folder in folder in Google Drive 

However, Zapier will not automatically copy files or folders from subfolders. For that, you may need to consider hiring an expert to build you a private custom app.

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Hey @Kevlaar 

Sorry to hear about the bother, Just to add to the above suggestions!

The New File in Folder trigger is picky about what it will/wont trigger on

Google Files (eg Google Doc/Sheet/etc)

  • If a file was created within the folder, the Zap will trigger
  • If a file was modified fewer than 4 days ago and moved to the folder, the Zap will trigger
  • If a file was modified greater than 4 days ago and moved to the folder, the Zap won't trigger

Non Google files (eg pdf/jpg):

  • If a file is directly added to the folder, the Zap will trigger
  • If a file is moved to the folder (even if it was added to Google Drive in the last 4 days), the Zap won't trigger
  • If a file is directly added to the folder but was modified/created greater than 4 days ago, the Zap won't trigger

Do you think any of the above could explain why your files didn't trigger as expected, If not then I would recommend getting in touch with the support team so we can see what exactly is going on:

Hi Paul, no the files and folders testing with were uploaded directly to the monitored folder.  Good to know these limitations though. Thanks!

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Hey @Kevlaar! Just wanted to check in here! Are you still running into issues or were you able to get this sorted out with @GetUWired’s suggestions? Let us know!

@jesse Thanks for reaching out. I have not yet and am currently reaching out to get quotes for a custom integration.  I have also submitted details to the gethelp form.  Thanks!

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Hi @Kevlaar!

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to achieve what you needed with the Google Drive Zapier integration. 


I can see that in your conversation with the Support Team that they shared another limitation of the integration, which is that it doesn’t work for Shared Drives and it sounds like this was the issue for you in this case. 


I hope you’re able to find a workaround to do what you need, best of luck!