How can Facebook Messenger with ChatGPT respond only to unaddressed messages & stop in threads using Zapier?

I have set up a zap to respond to FB messenger new messages using ChatGPT 4o.

It is working well, but I want to limit it to only respond to messages that my team have not responded to. so for clarity, I would set the zap to respond after a 5 minute delay, if a human member of my team sends a reply after 2 minutes then the zap would not send.

Also is there a way to stop the zap running within a message thread. for example I would write ‘Thank you Maria, I’ll take over from here’ and the auto response would stop, but only for that session.


Thanks for your help

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Hi @ALM238 

The FB Messenger Zap app only has these available triggers/actions.

There is no action available to “Find Message”.


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@ALM238 Would you add a “continue only if...” step after the 5 min delay? I would assume there may be certain keywords like “Thank you for your message” or something along those lines if a human replies?