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How can create Google Calendar events from the date specified in the contact form instead of when the form is submitted?

I run a catering business, im having trouble getting zap to put my clients enquiries into there event date, not the date they lodge the enquiry through the contact form.

The enquiry is showing in google calendars on the date they put their enquiry, i need the enquiry to show in the calendar on the date they specify on the contact form

Any help would be appreciated!!

Thankyou 😀


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Hi there @confused22 - I’d be happy to help you look into what may be going on. 


Can you share with us a few more details? What tool are you using for the contact form? If you have any printscreens of the Zap you have built so far that will also help us dive into troubleshooting as well. Looking forward to hearing from you and getting a solution together. 



Thankyou! My zap is going from a wix contact form to google calendar


What aspect of the zap do i need to screenshot? happy to do so



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Hey @confused22 just jumping in here! Thanks for clarifying your workflow for us. 🙂 The most helpful screenshot will be the action template of the Google Calendar step. From there, we can see which Wix form field you have mapped into the start/end date/time fields.

Other helpful screenshots would be from your Zap History for a successful Zap Run. Specifically, the “Data In” tab on the Wix step and the “Data Out” tab on the Google Calendar step. Just be sure to block out any personal/sensitive information when doing so! 😉

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Okay, so I’ve screen shotted a lot of things - hopefully this helps 🫣

I’ve only been able to see through my phone, my computer is inaccessible right now for me. (But I did set it up through a desktop) 

really appreciate any help, Thankyou!!



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Hi @confused22!

Thanks for including those screenshots! In this one it looks like your Zap is set up so that the date and time from Wix will be used as the start date/time for the event

But I can see from this screenshot that when the Zap ran, it used the time that the Zap ran as the start time for the calendar event. 


In short, it looks like you have the Zap set up right, but something went wrong! In this case, the best thing to do is to reach out to the Zapier Support Team (using the Get Help form). They can dig into your Zap and the Zap logs with you to find the disconnect here. I hope that you’re able to get things sorted soon!

Thankyou so much for your help, i will contact the support team

Fingers crossed!!