Help with Slack to Google Sheets Zap

  • 3 September 2020
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Hi there! 


I’m hoping somebody can help me build my ideal scenario: 


Ideal Workflow:


In Slack, I reply with an emoji, which creates a Google Sheet Spreadsheet titled the name of the channel.


Later in the Slack channel, If I react with a different emoji, it adds that Slack message as a row in that Google Sheet Spreadsheet.


The Issue:


On paper, this seems like an easy Zap, but I’m hitting bumps.


Specifically, because I can’t have two triggers in one Zap, my Zap is having a hard time finding the new google sheet.


Anybody have any advice?

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2 replies

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Hello! My name is Justin and I work for the Zapier blog. 

I gave this a shot and had trouble getting it to work. The problem: Google Sheets doesn’t have a search step for finding a particular spreadsheet, and you can’t just use the “custom” step. I can’t really picture a way to make this work, because of that. The only thing I can think to do is to make the spreadsheets myself, then set up Paths for each channel to spreadsheet workflow. Which isn’t nearly as slick as what you're imaging, I know. Sorry about that. Maybe someone else will think of something? 

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Hi @egolden 

Just checking back in. Did you manage to work something out here?