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  • 24 March 2021
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I'm trying to create a Zap that triggers on a Gravity Forms submission and stores the submission in Podio.

Right now I'm experiencing multiple issues.

First of all everytime Zapier wants me to do the trigger test for Gravity forms, it automatically grabs a sample submission that doesn't match my form at all. My form is just an email, name and surname but the sample form has way more fields than that. (My form: , Sample form: and more).

When I try and add new data in my submissions, it still pulls the sample form and I cant test my specific form.


And my second problem is this: When I put anything in the "Aanvrager” field it fives me this error: "Invalid value 0 (integer): must not be less than 1".
When I keep it empty however, it doesn’t give me the error. but that field is one of the only ones I have to fill so not putting anything in the field is not an option.
I tried looking for answers but couldnt find anything useful for this error.

Hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance.



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6 replies

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Hi @Tony_Mo023

Errors in Testing/Blank Test data

Gravity Forms has blank sample data to start with so Zapier can recognize all the fields from the form. To test your Zap with real data, you'll need to do 3 things:

  1. Submit the form you have set up yourself, being sure to fill out all fields
  2. Go to the test option of the trigger step of your zap and click the "Re-test Gravity Forms" button in the lower left. This will pull new trigger data.
  3. Go to test option of the action step of your zap and select the "Re-test (action app)" button. This will create a new test with the new trigger data.

You should now see sample data appearing when clicking on the "Insert Fields" button.



Regarding the error: "Invalid value 0 (integer): must not be less than 1".

The field expects an integer value greater than 0.


Hi @Troy Tessalone,

I'm looking at the test trigger tab of Gravity Forms but I can only see a Continue button. 

See screenshot.

At this point does the Zap need to be on?

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Check out this help article for loading new trigger records:

Tried the article, even tried remaking the whole form to see if the sample data would renew but no luck.


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Hi @Tony_Mo023 

Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support to troubleshoot further:

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Hey @Tony_Mo023,

Just wanted to check in here, were you able to resolve the issue with the zap?

If we’re still seeing some trouble, feel free to reach out to our support team so they can have a closer look:

The support team can help out with any advanced troubleshooting and error investigation.