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Help sending PDF from Qualtrics to Airtable

  • 19 December 2022
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I currently have a Qualtrics survey that asks users to answer a couple of questions and upload a PDF. 

I want to set up an automation to send the responses from Qualtrics to Airtable.

However, Qualtrics breaks the PDF into the following:

And then the automation creates the following record in Airtable:


My question is how I can have the PDF sent directly from Qualtrics to an attachment field in Airtable.


Best answer by shalgrim 21 December 2022, 06:54

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9 replies

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Hi @gt3 

Good question.

Try using the Attachment field type in Airtable:

@Troy Tessalone I tried doing that, but the PDF isn’t coming through. It seems like Qualtrics is breaking the PDF field into text-based fields, and I’m not sure how to have it send the PDF instead.

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Help article about using files in Zaps:


The Attachment field expects a file URL or a file object.

None of these fields are either of those types.

Check to see if there is a different field that you can map.

Also, looks like the file is a ZIP file, meaning the PDF is within a ZIP file.



Ya I tried making all the fields attachment fields to see if any would come through as an attachment, but none of them did.

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Check to see if there is a different field that can be mapped to an Attachment field that represents a file URL or a file object.

Otherwise, provide sceenshots with all the possible fields that can be mapped from Qualtircs in order for us to have context.

These are the only four fields related to the file upload in Qualtrics that I can select in Zapier.

This is the question they answer in Qualtrics.


When I view the response in Qualtrics, it’s a PDF.

When I try to map in Zapier, it turns it into the four fields that you see above. Not sure why it’s sending anything over as a zip.

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Try searching the list of available variables to map for one that says “file” or “file exists but not shown”.

Otherwise it may be that Qualtrics doesn’t provide file URL or file object in their Zap integration.

You can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support to see if they can offer additional insight/guidance:

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Hi @gt3,

I’m sorry you’re running into this. This is a feature request we have logged with the Qualtrics team who has developed this integration.

I’ll add your email as an interested user to access files from the New Survey Response trigger. That way, if we get any news on that feature request, you’ll be alerted.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

Thanks @shalgrim! Good to know I’m not missing something. I’ll keep an eye out for the feature implementation.