help please: how do I prevent facebook picture notations from appearing?

  • 6 November 2020
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I have  set up some simple zaps to post picture and caption to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram based on a calendar in Airtable. Posts to LinkedIn and Instagram appear fine. Posts to Facebook (pages) truncate my picture and include a notation at the bottom DL.AIRTABLE.COM as shown in attached.

Does anyone know how I can prevent this notation from appearing?

Also, I can post the image file or the image URL. Both are picked up from Airtable by the Zapier trigger. If I post the URL, this Airtable notation displays. But if I post the file the same type of notation displays, but it references zapier instead of airtable. I don’t want either.


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4 replies

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Hi @peter from 

Basically, that notation is showing the domain from where the image is stored - sadly it’s not something that can be overwritten.

thanks Andrew, do you know of any mitigation or work around? Apart from showing the notation this interface also truncates my pictures, sometimes cutting the head off! (though not in the example I posted above, which truncates the bottom of the pic). With no control, the interface is unusable.

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@peter from - I’m afraid not!

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Hi @peter from ,

I haven’t worked with this app before but maybe you can do the following to make it look a bit nicer:

  • Within your automation, download the image, and upload it to some FTP of your company / website? This way you atleast have your own domain in the post
  • Check the facebook website what kind of policies / documentation they have and make sure the image is always the right size. This way you avoid cropping etc. 

Let me know if I have given you some help or have more questions